International seminar "Terracotta monumental sculpture of Alcobaça Monastery: Tacelo project"

The international seminar "Terracotta monumental sculpture of Alcobaça Monastery: Tacelo project", aims to account the latest developments carried out under the project Tacelo - Studies for the conservation of the terracotta monumental sculptures from the Alcobaça Monastery, and contribute to the reflection on the various aspects involving the preservation of monumental sculptures in polychrome terracotta.

Venue and date

Polytechnic Institute of Tomar and Alcobaça Monastery, 29th and 30th May 2014.


Final program

Abstract communication model

Call for proposals for posters (new dates)

In addition to the communications included in the program, the seminar will include a set of posters that result from proposals submitted. The stakeholders should submit an abstract of their proposal, which must meet the following topics related to terracotta sculpture:

  1. Art and historical studies;
  2. Materials and technology studies;
  3. Conservation and restoration interventions;
  4. Preservation and museology.

Submission of abstracts for poster communication: until 20th May (NEW DATE).
Communication of acceptance: until 20th May (NEW DATE).

Contact for abstract submission: tacelo@ipt.pt.

Book of abstracts

Book of abstracts